Klezmer in Carnegie?

phil-salvatoLocal Carnegie residents are well familiar with the 3rd St. Gallery.  It is owned and operated by painter/musician Phil Salvato.  Phil is not just active in the Carnegie arts scene, but he is a good friend as well.  He has been vocal, dedicated, and hard working.  He is a great asset to the borough and those who have been working to revitalize the town.

On a regular basis, Phil hosts small jazz concerts in his studio.  I attended the Don Aliquo concert just last Sunday.  About 25 people showed up for the informal and cozy program.  Very enjoyable.  So, I was pleased to see Phil announcing that he is bringing an Eastern European ensemble to the gallery for a program.  The program titled “Furious Gypsy Jazz & Soulful Klezmer” should be quite a treat.  I hope you’ll take this opportunity to visit 3rd St. Gallery and enjoy Phil’s hospitality.  Click here for more info.

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