Services at Chabad this Week

Rabbi Mendel and Batya Rosenblum

Rabbi Mendel and Batya Rosenblum

This Saturday, Feb 9, we will join Chabad of the South Hills for Shabbos morning service.  Service starts at 10:00AM and is followed by Kiddush.

This is not the first time that we have joined with Chabad for services.  In fact, we have stopped having Purim and Tisha B’av services in Carnegie some years ago and have invited our members to attend at Chabad since that time.  However, joint Shabbos services have been infrequent.  We have been reluctant to lock the doors for even a single Shabbos in Carnegie; the couple of times that we didn’t have services were due to severe weather.

Nonetheless, Chabad and Rabbi Mendy have always welcomed us and we enjoy their company.  So, we take a mid-winter break and join them for a Shabbos morning.  Services will resume in Carnegie on Feb 16.

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