Yahrzeit List Updated

One of the important features of this website is the list of yahrzeits of past members, family, and friends.  Each year after the High Holidays I update this list with the additions from the previous year.  This year we added Jacob Radman, Sara Cooper Radman, and Harvey Srolovitz.  The new yahrzeit list can be accessed from a menu at the top of our website home page.  You will find a name list in alphabetical order and also links to photographs of all 314 yahrzeit plaques we have at the shul.  May their memories be blessing for us all.



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2 Responses to Yahrzeit List Updated

  1. Brenda Miller

    I am glad to get the information you send, but today when I click on anything on the category or blog roll or recent posts the home page goes nowhere.
    Why can’t I get anything now when I could get everything in the past?

  2. Rick D'Loss

    Everything seems to be working ok on this end. Links to Recent Posts and Categories seem to be operational. Links in the Blogroll open in a new tab or page. The problem may be a setting on your computer or browser application. If anyone else is having this problem, please let me know so that we can investigate further.

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