Abe Wilen

Just a quick note for those of you who knew Abe Wilen of Monessen.  Abe passed away a week ago in Florida.  His son Ron lives in Bridgeville and had his father’s remains returned to Pittsburgh for burial.  Abe was well known because he managed a department store in Monessen for 40 years.  But he was much more than that, including his service as a WW2 bomber navigator under commander Jimmy Stewart.  Click here to see the obit.

Ron has been a South Hills Bnai Brith bowler for 25 years and is well known in the area in his own right.  He comes to the Carnegie Shul occasionally, but remains committed to his small town shul in Monessen, which is admirable.  We in Carnegie certainly know what it’s like to keep a small shul going.  Our shul supported Ron and his family by supplying siddurim for shiva and our president, Dr. Block led services at the Wilen home near Portman Farms.

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