Yom Kippur Schedule

As a reminder for everyone, I scanned the schedule and posted it here.  Just click on this link. holiday schedule 2012

The schedule shows services tonight for Erev Shabbat Shuvah.  I think it is unlikely that we’ll have a minyan tonight, so you may want to attend at a neighboring shul if you need to say Kaddish.  We’re looking forward to morning services tomorrow at regular time.  And we will have a visitor.  Lois Metlika (aka Libby Ash) is coming in from Florida to visit friends and she will be at shul tomorrow morning.  Libby is part of the Ash/Browarsky family from McDonald. (hope I got that right).

be well, and Good Shabbos/ Good Yontif

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  1. Melvin Allen Weiss

    Thank you for always having something about the shul it is always very interesting to me.

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