Annual Meeting

We are holding our Annual Meeting on Monday, May 17, at 7:30PM.  I hope that you will attend.  The main issues on the agenda are:

Members elect officers (we have to do this every year)
Members elect someone to fill the vacant Board seat
Board vote on the issue of women getting aliyahs during our Torah services
Board vote on funding the completion of the social hall renovation

Pastry and coffee, as always.
See you there.

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  1. rick

    This comment is from Roger Wilk; it arrived in my email and I am reposting here.
    Thank you so very much for making sure that I receive the news letter from Ahavath Achim. I was amazed that a conservative congregation could still be wasting their valuable time discussing this issue. Women are the backbone of Judaism. It is unbelievable that they would not be permitted to be called to read the Torah. If the Carnegie shul wants to survive it must give them that right.
    Although I am 500 miles away and cannot attend the meeting, please, if rules permit, cast my vote for their right. I would appreciate an e-mail up date when you get the time.
    Roger Wilk
    PS For those members who do not know me, my family have been members of the shul for over 100 years. Please vote to make sure it continues for another 100 years.

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