Carnegie Shul Chatter May 3, 2023

Download (PDF, 984KB)

Michael Roteman


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2 Responses to Carnegie Shul Chatter May 3, 2023

  1. Paul+Lederstein

    Hello Mr. Roteman,
    A very good insight to some of the rules of and for the KOHAIN. Some confusing ones too but all very good to know! I digress….
    Every time I see the picture of Ahavath Achim on the Chatter, I remember that my religious life started there with Rabbi Weiss. Happy memories!
    Thank you for doing the Chatter! I do appreciate it very much!!
    Shalom my friend,
    Paul Lederstein

  2. michael

    Thank you Paul. I’m glad you enjoy the Chatter and have fond memories of the Shul.

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