Penny Postcard

Thanks to Harris Tisherman for sending the link to this old postcard of Carnegie.  I studied the picture but still haven’t identified exactly what intersection I’m looking at.  The hill in the far distance should be a clue, as should some of the taller brick buildings.  Any help?


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  1. Rick, I am the new kid on the block. You should get Marcella to look at this…
    The Library & Music Hall is doing a program on Thanksgiving Saturday, November 26th: Right In Our Own Back Yards.

    One of the things we will be showcasing is an 11 minute 16 mm film that shows parade footage of a thriving Carnegie, thronged with people out to celebrate the June 1934 opening of the new bridge across the Chartiers Creek.

    Easier to read signs, movie billboards, etc. than this photo…

    Movie at 2:00 p.m., followed by Brian O’Neill talking about his book, “The Paris of Appalachia.”


  2. Rick, I’m fairly certain that’s the first block of East Main Street right after the bridge. That would be why the tracks curve off to the left. The third building down has the circular upper window that’s in Duran’s, and I also remember the buildings on the left, the ones with the awnings, being in either the miniature Main Street or a few photos in the Historical Society. The taller brick buildings next to them are where Captain Clothing is now.

    I’ve also stood on this spot and photographed Main Street many times in all times of day and all types of weather, and the topography–that long straight street–and the hill in the distance is still the same, but now it has the office part on top. I guarantee if you go and stand in the middle of the street at the end of the bridge by the railroad crossing, you’ll recognize it!

    Here’s a recent photo of about the same view–you can match up some of the remaining features:

    May want to borrow this for something very soon. I’ll let you know.

    Thanks for the happy distraction!

  3. Cindy Babish-Schultz

    Rick, I agree with Bernadette. If you look on the right of the pic you will see the “Price” Clothing Store I think?

  4. rick

    Is the tall building on the right the Masonic Hall? If so, the hill in background now has Foster Plaza buildings sitting atop.

  5. Paul Lederstein

    The penny postcard was interesting and the whole street looks different to me.
    I used to live at 35 West Main Street just a few doors up from the drug store in the Luebbe Bldg. Is this photo of East Main Street down from the Main Hotel?
    Thanks for the history lesson!!

  6. MORRY


  7. Rick, after spending the first 21 years of my life on that first block in Carnegie, (we actually lived at 17 East Main Street Rear, next to Izzy Miller Furniture), I can most assuredly state it is the view from railroad tracks on the East side of the Main Street Bridge. In fact, I am willing to say the railroad tracks are either directly under or behind the photographer. I cannot begin to tell you how may trips my mother took us to Pittsburgh on those very streetcar tracks or how difficult it used to be to cross the street to get to the newspaper store or the barber shop. Good grief, the memories……. Thank you!

  8. Christina Lange Permenter

    Do you have any history or information of Lange’s Cafe at 548 E. Main Street? My grandparents (Peter and Catherine Lange) owned it and lived on the building. I know it was a restaurant and a bar.

  9. admin

    Christine, I don’t know anything about Lange’s Cafe. You should inquire with the Carnegie Historical Society. They are located at 1 W. Main St.

  10. Christina

    Thank you. I am in California and have never been to Carnegie, just trying to find my roots. Thank you Admin.

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