Carnegie Shul Chatter July 19, 2022

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5 Responses to Carnegie Shul Chatter July 19, 2022

  1. Sharyn Tisherman

    It saddens me that the Ahavath Achim synagogue is not including those who choose not to obtain COVID-19 vaccinations to attend your services. The safety and efficacy of these experimental vaccines has prompted many studies and have shown to not prevent infection nor transmission and can have severe side-effects. We see reports almost daily of fully vaccinated individuals coming down with this virus, often times repeatedly. Though this is controversial topic, politics and non-scientific based perception should never interfere with the ability to participate a Minyon. Zoom participation is not the same; not even close.

    If someone is feeling ill, they should use common sense and stay home. Most places of worship have disbanded with this practice and open their doors to all who want to come and worship. Though I do not live locally, the Carnegie Shul has always held a special place in my history and my heart. And this, to me, is truly heart-breaking. I hope the board will reconsider and open the sanctuary to anyone who wishes to share the mitzvah of attending services.

  2. michael

    Although the current strain of Covid can infect those who have been vaccinated, hospitalizations and deaths are far less likely among the vaccinated. We are an older congregation and some have medical conditions that put them at greater risk. Judaism dictates that health should always be a top priority. We have not had any complaints from people saying they can’t attend because of vaccination status.

  3. Harry zemon

    My shul here in Florida does zoom and live participation. Most members are older similar to AA

  4. Paul+Lederstein

    I finally saw the Chatter again. It was in my spam “stuff” and I don’t know why?
    Anyway, I enjoyed the current edition and will look for it again!

  5. admin

    Paul, since March we have been having problems with shul email; mostly for Gmail users. Google has been blocking our email as spam. I have been working on a solution for two months. Just this week we made changes to our email certificates, security files, and email software protocol. Now Google is letting our email through their firewall. But it’s going into your spam folder. That’s a big improvement because before it wasn’t getting through at all. I continue to work on this problem and hopefully future email will properly end up in your inbox. Be well and good Shabbos. Rick

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