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Yesterday I did a total makeover of the shul website. It is now based on blogging software rather than webpage software. What’s the difference? Blogging is more dynamic; for example, I’m sitting right now on my front porch typing this message into my phone. This means I can provide you more real-time news about what’s going on at shul. Of course, the new site isn’t complete yet. I have to put all the yahrzeit information back on the site. And once I have this fully operational, you will be able to subscribe to it so that shul news automatically arrives in your email inbox. More to come!


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3 Responses to First post

  1. Paul Lederstein

    I give you a lot of credit for all of the work you do for the Shul. You are a very good man!! Thanks again for ALL that you do!!!
    P. Lederstein

  2. Libby

    Pinky, I agree,it is a shul,full of memories,for all of our friends and family. I remember with great love and fondess,your parents,and relatives. I too lived on 3rd street and was just a kid when your Mom was pregnant with you and Sandra. I am now 73,and attened sunday school at the Carnegie Shul. It was so great to see your name on a comment,since I left Pgh.,over 50years ago. Please send my love to Irwin.
    With regards,
    Libby (lois)Ash Metlika

  3. Paul Lederstein

    Hello Libby. I will pass your comments on to Irwin and my sister. Good to hear from you and your comments. I remember staying at the ASH residence on Pittock Street in Squirrel Hill while dating a few beauties. Good memories all around. Where are you now? I’m still in Carnegie but moving to Venice, Florida. Take care and be well always.
    Paul Lederstein

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