Yom Kippur Streaming Link

The link for streaming our Yom Kippur services will be https://youtu.be/kJPjTmEvlGQ

It will go live just before services on Sunday evening.
Our goal is to adhere to tradition as much as possible during the pandemic, including minimizing
the use of electronic equipment during services. As such, we will “go live” with this link before
Kol Nidrei and it will run continuously through the end of Yom Kippur. It will be running on
automatic the entire time and no one in the congregation will be operating the equipment
during services. Disruptions could occur due to electrical power interruption, internet
disruption, or software hiccups, and the stream would stop. Depending on the severity and
duration of the disruption, the streaming may restart automatically or it may not restart at all.
No one will attend to such problems during services.

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