Carnegie Shul Chatter May 16, 2019

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  1. Libby Ash metlik

    I am a child of immigrants who came here in the early 1900’s. The Ash Family of McDonald ,and Pittsburgh. Growing up, I was taught to iss the Mezuzah upon entering the house and to put one on the door post, when I married, but women were not privileged to know the answer for doing this. Or told what it held. Of course you could see the scroll in the unclosed back when it was
    Put up, so in my mind, I believed it was the Ten Commandments. Was never
    Told any different. Today at a ripe old age, I found the answer! I cannot thank you enough! At last, I can share this with my children and their children.
    In the 50’s, Jewish fellows wore a small Mezuzah on a chain around their neck, it was very trendy, and we girls saw them at the swimming pools in and around Pittsburgh. I left there to be a Floridian in 1959. I would love to give my grandsons one of these to bring back the style,but sadly only one of them would be a sure thing. I hope some if your members remember those days.
    Thank you again so much, I have shared it with many Ash and Browarsky
    Relatives. Many have relatives as do I, remembered in a plaque in the
    Carnegie Shul where I loved visiting for Shabbat services on my visits,
    Which are now on hold due to Aging and the issues that come with it.
    Celebrating The anniversary of Israel is wonderful, i have from handed down, from generation, a commemorative plate, which refers to “The Republic of
    Israel, May 14,1948.
    It is my Priceless Treasure.
    Libby(Lois Ash) Metlika
    You can take the girl out of the Pittsburgh area, but you cannot take Pittsburgh and surrounding area out of the girl?????

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