Giving Thanks

One week from today is Thanksgiving.  America’s unique holiday.  A celebration of what makes us a great nation— the right of all our citizens to practice the religion of their choosing, free of government interference or coercion.  And to honor this we have set aside a day to thank God for bringing us to this place.

So what are you doing on Thanksgiving morning?  Sleeping in?  Going to the grocery store?  I’ve got a suggestion.  Come down to the Carnegie Shul for morning minyan.  It’s a great excuse to get out of the house for a couple hours.  And it provides you the opportunity to say your prayers on this Thanksgiving Day.

Our morning minyan will begin at 9:00 AM.  And we should be done by 10:15.  This will be a regular weekday service, so if you lay tefillin, bring it.  Also, there will be the normal Thursday morning Torah reading.  And finally, a special treat: the reading of President George Washington’s first Thanksgiving Day proclamation.  But even with all that, we will still have a little time for coffee and bagels afterwards.  Tell your friends.  Thanksgiving morning minyan is now an annual observance in Carnegie.  Hope to see you here.

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