The first day of Rosh Hashanah also happened to be the first day of the Carnegie Borough Festival.  While we were in shul, our Public Works department was setting up the bandstands and vendors were setting up their booths.  Local Carnegie artist Bernadette Kazmarski was setting up her own booth where she sells her artwork.  Normally, Bernadette and I are both volunteering at the festival, although my assistance was limited by our holidays.  When Bernadette learned of the coincidence she asked if it was ok for her to photograph our Tashlich service at Chartiers Creek.  The creek is one of her favorite art subjects and this would add another piece to the history of the creek.  See her blog posting at this link:

Bernadette’s Blog


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  1. How wonderful that two of my favorite people — in Carnegie or anywhere — shared and are sharing this ritual. Despite my working at Mikveh Israel in Philadelphia (not true, at the Museum of American Jewish History then housed in Mikveh Israel) I did not know about Taslich. I like the notion of casting away sins….

  2. Paul Lederstein

    Tashlich is a wonderful ceremony. I attended these ceremonies is my younger years and always liked the meaning. A good photograph was taken! Thank you!
    I now live in Venice, Florida and hope to make it back to Carnegie and Shul for the High Holidays!!

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