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Joe NegriWe have a saying, “may you live to be a hundred and twenty”. This was the age of Moshe Rabbenu (our Master Moses) when God took him. Despite his advanced years, he was clear of sight and full of vigor. We should all be so fortunate!  Well, it was 120 years ago that our borough was founded.  And that brings us to a celebration on Thursday, March 27.  A benefit concert will be held at the Andrew Carnegie Free Library & Music Hall (in Carnegie of course) and features a performance by Joe Negri and his Trio.  Joe has been a regular performer at our music hall. He is always a welcome treat. In addition to celebrating 120 years of Carnegie, we honor Marcella McGrogan for creating and leading the Historical Society of Carnegie for the past 20 years.

So, you must be thinking that surely Carnegie is older than 120!  Our own congregation was started 118 years ago, and we weren’t exactly the first people to move into town.  Well, the fact is that Carnegie began as two separate towns.  On the east side of Chartiers Creek was the town of Mansfield (our congregation has always been located on the Mansfield side).  And on the west side of the creek was the town of Chartiers. In a referendum held on February 20, 1894, the voters of Chartiers and Mansfield voted in favor of merging to become one borough. Carnegie Borough legally incorporated on March 1, 1894. Over the ensuing 120 years, the resilient Carnegie has known its share of ups and downs. Through it all it is a community that holds a special place in the hearts of those who have lived here, worked here and those who have just visited.

Our music hall holds 425. We expect this event to sell out, so don’t delay in getting tickets. To reserve tickets, $30 each, call Maggie Forbes at 412-276-3456, ext. 13.

For further details, click on the following invitation. Borough Birthday Benefit

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