Old Shul Board Photo

Shul Board and Officers, circa ?

Shul Board and Officers, circa ?

Occasionally, while rummaging through files at the shul, I come across an item of general interest— in this case a water-damaged photo of what appears to be the Board of Directors and Officers of the shul.  I believe that the officers are sitting in the front and board members in the back.  But since all of these men are before my time, I don’t know their names.  This information is important for our archives, so I am asking for your help.  I also would like your opinion on the possible year (plus or minus) that this may have been taken.  If you know the names of these folks, please respond below where it indicates to Leave a Comment.  Please don’t send your comments by email.

I have a clue that may be helpful.  In very faded handwriting at the bottom of the original photo are the names of the men.  They are barely visible.  But I scanned it, and manipulated the contrast and density the best I could in order to make them even somewhat readable.  Some of the names appear to be Herbert Isaacs, Miller, Ziontz, Moskovitz, George Raskin, and Edward Klee.  You can CLICK on either of these to get the enlarged versions, which also may be helpful.

Happy sleuthing!

Names of Board members

Names of Board members


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  1. Martin Stern

    The gentleman in the back row, standing, fourth from the left is Joseph Stern.

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