Carnegie Shul Chatter – 12/12/12

O.K., I must admit that I love these dates like 12/12/12, or when my odometer reads something like 33,333.  I wonder what Jewish numerologists would say about today?  In honor of 12/12/12 and my upcoming vacation, I am sending this blog out a little early.   No blog next week when I will be in Florida.

Chanukah ends this Sunday evening.  I hope you had a wonderful holiday!


Sabbath candle lighting this week is at 4:36.

This week’s parshah is Mikeitz.  The parshah tells of Joseph’s release from prison when he interprets Pharoah’s dream, warning of feasts and famines, and allowing Pharoah to store grain in in the plentiful years in preparation for the years of famine.

Joseph marries Potiphar’s daughter Asenath and they have two sons, Manessah and Ephraim.

During a famine, ten of Joseph’s brothers come to Egypt without the youngest brother, Benjamin, searching for food.  Joseph recognizes his brothers who do not recognize him, and Joseph accuses the brothers of being spies.  Joseph tells his brothers to bring Benjamin to Egypt to prove who they are, but holds Simeon captive awaiting the return of the brothers with Benjamin.

The brothers return with Benjamin to Egypt and Joseph welcomes them back warmly and invites them to his home for dinner.  But Joseph  then places his silver goblet in Benjamin’s sack and when the brothers set out for home the next morning they are tracked down and arrested for stealing the goblet.   Joseph agrees to free them but requires that Benjamin remain as his bondsman.

Hear what Dr. Block has to say about this parshah on Saturday morning when services get under way at 9:40.


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