Hoops for a Cure

Each year for the past 16 years we have looked forward to the Annual Hoops for a Cure basketball game.  This project is the work of Adrienne Arenson, a long time member of the Carnegie Shul.  Adrienne started this charity event when she lost her husband to pancreatic cancer.  During these 16 years her charity has raised over $1 million for cancer research.

So, mark your calendars for Friday, April 15.  As always the big match is between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Chartiers Valley Faculty.  Tickets are $7.  Raffle tickets are an additional $10, and like last year, the grand prize is 2 tickets to the next Super Bowl.

If you have ever known someone with pancreatic cancer, you know that the survivability is low.  This particular form of cancer is often found too late for effective treatment.  I personally lost a close friend to pancreatic cancer.  He was only 52.  And I have two acquaintances in Minnesota who, right now, are suffering with this cancer.  The prognosis for both of them, I’m sorry to say, is not very good.  So, I will be at the game.  And I will be hoping that someday the team at the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Center will find a cure.

See the flyer by clicking here, Hoops for a Cure.  Pass this on to your friends.

be well, and good Shabbos,

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  1. Rick, thanks for keeping us in the loop. I may even go to this one….

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