Carnegie Shul Chatter August 15, 2018

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3 Responses to Carnegie Shul Chatter August 15, 2018

  1. Sondra Greer

    If I wanted to sponsor a Kiddush for $36.00 even though I do not live there would it be possible to send my donation to someone who would in turn take care of supplying whatever you do for a Kiddush? We do this down here in Naples and the costs are much higher, but it is like a luncheon that we serve. The yahrzeit plaques are $360.00. Just to give you a comparison of the costs. Carnegie Shul is the real deal!!!!

  2. michael

    We serve our regular Saturday kiddush with a little extra thrown in. You do nothing but let us know when and who you want to have memorialized.

  3. Libby Metlika

    I never had a nicer buffet after shul on Saturday morning the there. It is Hamish,and a lot to rat,with a nice variety, so I decided brcause I am welcomed so beautifully when I was visiting from Florida, the new home if many, but my home since 1959. So it does not need to be in memory of,or in ho or of,it can be donated so those who were so welcoming,I felt It could be
    Given as a thank you to the congregation, so I sponsored 2. I hope you all enjoyed your Kiddish Luncheons, it was my pleasure.
    Libby Ash metlika

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