Carnegie Shul Shofar Passover 2018

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  1. Paul Lederestein

    Good morning Mr. Roteman,
    This was an excellent piece and Passover is my favorite Holiday. I remember the very long Seders my family had and my father and grandfather never left out one word of the Seder. My brother and I always had a contest who could eat the horseradish without choking or tearing up and the horseradish was very very hot. My mother always had someone take movies of all of the Seders and I look at them around this time to remember my family who I miss very much! I wish that we could all go back to the future and have one more Seder together. Anyway, may you and your family have a very Happy Passover and may your Seder be fantastic.
    Shalom my friend,
    Paul Lederstein

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