I hope everyone is having a wonderful Pesach. This is a great time of the year. Spring weather making its first appearances. Family gatherings. Kids and grandkids. Digging the golf clubs out of the garage.

But part of our tradition is to always balance our simchas with reminders that not everyone is sharing a joyous Springtime. As most of you know, Izzy Horowitz had a heart attack and is recuperating at the Jewish Home in Homestead (Charles Morris Rehab). Izzy has been a valued member of our congregation for over 40 years. Each Shabbos morning he would set out Kiddush for us. He took special delight in making sure we had the various cakes, bagels, and cheeses necessary for a delightful lunch. Now he’s at Charles Morris and we are missing him every Shabbos.

The doctors say that he is not eating as well as he should be. Perhaps if we take the time to pay him a visit, as Joey did just before Peaach, he will find renewed spirit and interest in returning to his apartment in Carnegie. And this might spur him to a stronger appetite and regaining his strength. It would be a big mitzvah.

I hope all of you continue to be blessed during this Pesach season. Be reminded that we will have morning services for the last two days of Pesach, this Friday and Saturday, with Yizkor service on Saturday. As weekday holiday services are difficult for some, we would especially appreciate it if you are available to help make minyan on Friday morning.

Be well,

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